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  Adult Private Parties and Groups
  Joe does lots of private parties for adults -- adult birthday, surprise and retirement parties, weddings, etc. -- plus adult groups such as the Elks. Each show features a BIG cast characters, BIG laughs, audience interaction, and music (sometimes a song parody) all done in his quick-paced comedy style. Comedy bits, characters and individual jokes are always changing so the show is never exactly the same from one year to the next.

In adult party shows (for individuals and organizations), Joe s clients can get his highly-popular basic customization. Joe will pepper the show with hilarious inside jokes at no extra expense. Shows also contain his famous ventriloquism lip sync where hapless volunteers donning crazy wigs lip sync a rock oldie, using voices "thrown" by Joe (it closes the show because it can t be topped with adult crowds!). He also does a few minutes of standup comedy (with the emphasis on topical jokes) without his "wooden friends" at either the beginning or end of the show.

Joe is also available to "roast" of special guests of honor or be evening s emcee. The results: guaranteed LAUGHS!

When Joe does walk-around or strolling ventriloquism at adult private parties, he "switches off" on his state-of-the-art dummies and puppets, using several characters -- each with its own distinctive personality and comedy schtick -- over the party s slated time. The diversity, individuality, and comedic strength of these painstakingly-developed, zany characters spark laughter each time Joe suddenly appears with another. Joe sometimes inserts running gags -- and can even approach a targeted guest with a host-provided inside joke zinger -- during his "strolling" comedy.

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What people have said ...

"If you had just gotten up and done your usual program everyone would have loved it. But you went the extra mile and wrote special material that pertained to our group and presented that as well. I know you either put in hours and hours on this or you re the genius of the Western World.

You got our event off to a rip-roaring start, broke the ice, and entertained us all in grand style. Even the old grumps in our membership were laughing. The celebrity sitting at my table was falling off her chair. I think she wanted to adopt you and take you home with her! Your topical jokes were right on the mark!" -- Way Out West Tent, Sons of the Desert (Laurel & Hardy society), Universal City, CA

"Superb! Your material was perfect for the over 200 members and guests. There was continuous laughter throughout. Your wooden and (non-wooden) helpers were TERRIFIC! Your FINALE involving three members of the audience brought the house down! I watched you very closely: your lips never move! You are the best!" -- Saddleback Elks Lodge No. 2444, Mission Viejo, CA.

"Many favorable comments were heard from the audience after your presentation. I know I m always in awe of a good ventriloquist! So were the others. Thanks once again for your fine performance!" -- Retired Officers Association, Camp Pendleton, CA

"Your show was a big hit. Especially impressive was your range of characters and your ability to entertain a widely diverse audience. The group of 320 people ranged in age from early 20s to late 70s, yet all found your show very funny.

"I have been impressed by your professional attitude. From our first conversation several months ago, on through to the performance, you displayed a very reliable and professional attitude that made it easy to work with you. Thanks again for a very entertaining evening. it has been a pleasure working with you!" -- Congregation Beth El, La Jolla, CA

"I had anticipated that your show would be different and I was right. We all laughed until our sides hurt!" -- Ocean Hills B Nai B Rith, Oceanside, CA

"We appreciated your cleverness, your energy and your program. There certainly were no two dummies on the stage...." -- Temple Judea Brotherhood, Laguna Hills, CA

"Thank you and your 'family' for entertaining us! We thoroughly enjoyed it." -- Chula Vista Thursday Club, Chula Vista, CA

"Almost everyone either told me, called me or wrote me a note saying it was the best program we ve had in a long time! Also: that lady in the wheelchair died three weeks later. You made that party a happy one for her." -- San Clemente Garden Club, San Clemente, CA

"Thanks for the lively show you put on for my husband s surprise party. Everyone there enjoyed you and your friends immensely. I had so many complimentary remarks after the show. Your ability ad lib kept everyone laughing!" -- M. Osborn, San Diego, CA


"It s on my mind to tell you how much my friends and I enjoyed your entertainment. I am sure you noticed the response. Good memories of this evening will stick with us. Thanks again!" ---G. Hoffmeister, San Diego (double 60th birthday party)

"Everyone really enjoyed you and your 'figure' friends. They said you were very funny. I appreciate you being so flexible for me. I will spread the word about you wherever I can." -- E. Klugh, San Diego (hour long walk around with characters at private adult party).


"Thanks for helping to make Deena's graduation party a hit! Your final finale with Deena and her friends will be long remembered! Thanks again." -- Fran Hart, Reseda, CA


"I want to express to you my personal thanks for helping make our first "Lodge Family Night" such as a success. Our Lodge has been in need of something like this for a long time and it was successful beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you for your time and effort. It was a night to remember and will be hard to top in the future. Seeing the smiles and the enjoyment displayed by everyone made it all worthwhile. Thank you so much." --Vista Masonic Lodge, No. 687, Vista, CA

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