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  Children/Family Private Parties & Shows
  Joe is one of Southern California s most popular Family Entertainers for kid's birthdays, parties and family shows.

At children s birthday parties (done for ALL ages from the tiny kids to teens) each show contains the same elements, bits and characters that appear in the stage shows Joe does coast to coast. Lids birthday shows are priced at a low birthday party show prices. Each birthday show is PACKED with lots of big laughs, music, interaction -- plus some information about ventriloquism and puppetry secrets. During the show s final segment some kids even get to become instant ventriloquists! Birthday party and stage shows and are available in 30, 40 and 60 minute packages.

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What people have said ...

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for making our kids birthday party such a big success! Competing with an Astro Jump is no easy feat! All of the kids were AMAZED and talked about you and your friends LONG after you were gone. My son often asks when you might be returning. It was an event they ll remember for a long time!" --P. Haberkern, San Diego, CA

"Do you realize that there were 16 boys between ages 8 to 11 and you managed to keep them ALL fascinated? My friend, the mother of one of the boys, couldn t stay away. She came for the entire performance and said it was the best entertainment for adults mixed with kids that she ever saw.

"We were all amazed that your voices were so excellent -- and your LIPS NEVER MOVED! The adults were as happy as the children. The music and songs made the show perfect. And it was fun to hear two distinct personalities -- yours and theirs. I would give you a rave recommendation any day." -L. Kozub, San Diego, CA

"I just wanted to send you a big THANK-YOU! Your show was fantastic! We had ages 3 to 70 and the show was so wonderful. You have a great sense of humor -- and your dummies do, too! You were very enthusiastic and were able to include the children in your show. We also enjoyed the end of the show when you showed us al how to be ventriloquists. A wonderful performance!" --M Holm, Salt Lake City, Utah (kids birthday party held in Orange County, CA)

And don t forget Joe s highly popular Corporate Children s shows:

"The children had a wonderful time and even some considered hard to please could not resist the urge to laugh and became just as involved as the others!" --National Federation of State High School Associations, Kansas City, MO (corporate show for kids)

"It was a GREAT time! Adults were entertained as well as the children!" --The Austin Company, Irvine, CA, on a kids Christmas show

"Thank you for the great show you presented to here at New Community. We all want you to know that we had a lot of fun with all the friends that you brought with you. Even the adults enjoyed the show! We look foward to having you join us again some day for another program." --Director of Children's Ministries, New Community Church, Irvine, CA

"Joe Gandelman has performed his comic ventriloquism act at our last two Christmas celebrations. We have found Joe to be a toop class professional with an act that captivates the young and old alike. The comments we hear from the audience are such things as: "I've never heard my child laugh so loud," "My child was fascinated," "My child was completely focused on the act." We would certainly recommend Joe Gandelman and his dummy friends at any fun filled event." --Property Manager, River Village, Bonsall, CA

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