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  Library Shows
  Joe Gandelman has been performing at libraries across California for 20 years. His show has been featured at libraries from Needles to San Ysidro to Los Angeles to Palm Desert . Each show is geared to the library’s theme, packed with LOTS of characters, interaction, laughs and stresses the joy and importance of reading books -- and of reading skills in today’s Internet age.

Joe Gandelman also practices what he preaches: he was a prolific reviewer on until he founded an award winning centrist weblog. He writes for it and also a weekly column on (on the MSNBC site).

Throughout Joe’s library shows - done for younger kids as well as teens - he will also tell them some puppetry and ventriloquism secrets and let some kids get up and try a dummy and (with his coaching) turn them into instant ventriloquists. He also did this miniworkshop on comedian Margaret Cho’s VHI cable reality show "The Cho Show" several years ago, teaching Cho, her elderly mother and Cho’s comedic sidekick ventriloquism basics.

Here's what his audience had to say: An email from the Lakeside Library.

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Learn from Joe

"Thank you so much for that excellent performance! The summer reading participants had a fantastic library experience that was both entertaining and informative. It was a super show!"
--Gardena Mayme Dear Memorial Library

"Thank you for providing us with such an enjoyable summertime entertainment!"
--East Los Angeles Public Library

"...a smashing success at our branch libraries!"
--San Diego Public Library

"Thank you for making so many people happy!"
--Bob Lucas Memorial Library, Altadena

"....terrific! The children especially enjoyed their active involvement in the show...and the chance to understand the insides of a ventriloquist’s figure. The adults in the audience enjoyed the show as much as the children!"
--Del Mar Public Library

"A wonderful program!"
--Eastlake Public Library

"Thanks you again for your three performances at Camp Pendleton Libraries. What a crowd-pleasing show you give! One ten-year-old said, He never did move his lips when the dummy talked! A mom told me that however much the show cost it was a good way to spend the money. Everyone enjoyed the participation and the tricks-of-the-trade explanations - but all the jokes and fun are the real hit! I recommend your show to all librarians."
--Camp Pendleton Libraries

"Thank you very much for your marvelous comic ventriloquism show - We appreciated the extra long performance you gave for an enthralled audience of over 100 pre-school, school-aged children and adults. Your puppets and dialogue are very imaginative and we enjoyed learning a few of the secrets of ventriloquism!"
--El Cajon Branch Library

"It was wonderful to meet you and your friends. The children, adults and staff were all entranced with your program. We all appreciated the family program and look forward to having you back next year!"
--Fontana Branch Library

"I must admit that of all the scheduled events, this was the one I was a bit unsure of. How could a ventriloquist act hold over 70 kids’ attention for almost an hour? I had not counted on Joe. He was not only delightful and very funny, he was excellent at ventriloquism. His show involved rich range of characters and he never lost our attention as he not only entertained, but informed us as well. Not only is Joe a fabulous ventriloquist, he is a fabulous entertainer."
--Manhattan Beach Library

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