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  Corporate Shows
  Need adult or children's corporate entertainment? - JOE CAN HELP (ask about the bilingual version of Joe's show).

Whether it s entertainment for a big convention, a sales meeting, trade show, holiday party for adults children or a picnic, Joe Gandelman & Friends will give you a show CRAMMED with BIG laughs, music (sometimes song parodies) and hilarious audience interaction.

SHOWS: All shows feature lots of characters -- and your company can customize Joe s corporate show. Since he has a BIG cast of characters, he uses members of his "cast" to fit your company s show. Each wooden or non-wooden character has a carefully developed personality and comedy bit. Each show is PACKED with laughs and features Joe s famous volunteer ventriloquism lip sync as the zany smash finale.

In the lip sync, he gets several volunteers (or names provided in advance) who open their mouths when he taps their shoulders...and voices magically come out (from Joe to them). They then must don crazy wigs and lip sync a "classic" rock song to Joe s voices. It ALWAYS brings the house down.

All corporate shows feature Joe s popular standard customization at no extra cost. This basic customization, developed over many years by Joe for his show and the way he has constructed his comedy routines and character roster, lets you provide inside jokes and information that he inserts at key points in the show. Audience members think it s a show largely written for your group!

The basic customization is highly effective. More extensive customization is also available at an additional cost.

Joe will also do several minutes of STANDUP COMEDY without his characters either at the very beginning or towards the end of each corporate show. The emphasis is on topical jokes and jokes relating to your industry but there are other jokes, too.

Need to roast a sales rep, new supervisor, or sales awards winner? Joe will do a comedy roast without his characters -- again using information you supply to create a screeching, funny but good natured script roasting your guest of honor. If you re doing a roast, too, Joe basically gives you two entertainers in one...but this time without the "dummies!"

WALK-AROUND/STROLLING HUMOR: A BIG cast of state-of-the-art wooden and non-wooden puppets, distinctive character personalities and years of experience have made Joe s walk-around legendary.

He "switches off" using various state-of-the-art characters during your scheduled time so your guests see him walking through with several of his zany characters. He stays long enough to get a laugh or two, then moves on. And when they see him again he has another one. They are almost always amazed -- and laughing! He has done acclaimed walk-around "gigs" at huge corporate events in cities such as Long Beach, CA, and at big fairs in states such as Vermont.

Just a FEW of his madcap characters include: a green Martian with spinning antenna, wisecracking kid John Raven (who sticks out his tongue and wiggles his ears), a surly bulldog, nervous turkey, dorky long-nosed Norbert, old man Mr. Jackson and the genie head-in-the-box. You can even provide him with info about (and a photo of) a guest and Joe will direct a customized zinger his/her way-- always good for a huge laugh!

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What people have said ...

"Thank you for tailoring your act to our group during your recent performance at our international sales meeting. By customizing your show to recognize the specific people we requested you captivated the interest of our group immediately.

"All reviews I heard were very positive. The top managers were especially pleased that your show stayed well within our definition of good taste. It was clear that everyone had a great time." --Shur-Lok Corporation, Irvine, CA

"Several of my guests and myself been on cruises on which the main entertainment was a ventriloquist. It was truly refreshing to see new material rather than the same old routines. Many guest called to express how much they enjoyed the show." --Don Development, El Cajon, CA

"Every year we run around trying to find some type of entertainment that is different. This year we accomplished that goal. Your performance at our Christmas Party was a great success. Not only was the performance enjoyable but the placement of the inside jokes was wonderful. All jokes were in good taste and taken with the humor they were given. I would recommend your services to any company seeking entertainment anytime throughout the year." --TXI Riverside Cement, Riverside, Ca

"Thanks for the great job your team did at our recent Compugetogether event. Your performance was one of the highlights of the evening! You obviously have this very well planned out and the customization for our particular industry made the program even more enjoyable." --Computer Express Supply, San Diego, CA

"Thank you for providing the entertainment for our annual conference banquet! The members truly enjoyed your performance. The humor was sidesplitting. The audience participation numbers were a big hit and the customized songs added a personal touch. All the above made your performance top notch. You received rave reviews from members on post conference comment surveys. We look forward to working with you again in the future." --Professional Association of Health Care Office Managers, Pensacola, Florida

"Excellent! Your humor was really enjoyable and your friends" were great!." --Astro Products, Gardena, CA

"Great job! Although the layout of the room we used was less than perfect for this type of presentation, you handled this challenge with true professionalism and created a wonderful show. Your performance was right on just as it was last year when you entertained the corporate event my previous company held. I m sure we ll be calling you down the road for other events as they occur." ---CEO, Reuben H. Space Fleet Science Museum, San Diego, CA

"We were delighted with your show! You brought the house down!" --Ensenada Express, San Diego

"Even though it s been more than a month I STILL hear employees telling about how much fun they had -- and I know that your involvement made a difference. When we contacted you we informed you that we desired an adult show but would be comfortable if your presentation could be G rated. We were not disappointed at all in the material you selected to use...and how you were able to weave those specific facts about individuals of our group into your material, giving it that personal touch." --San Diego County Construction Laborers Benefit Funds, San Diego, CA

"Everyone enjoyed meeting you and (main character) John Raven as you greeted each guest with a personalized comedy dialogue. But the highlight of the evening was the lip-sync routine you did with two employees!" --Michael Howard Furniture, Inc., San Diego, CA

"I can t tell you how much I appreciated your participation in our opening night. You truly helped make the night a memorable even not only for the children AND adults -- but for ME!" --San Diego Soccers, San Diego, CA

"The children had a wonderful time and even some considered hard to please could not resist the urge to laugh and became just as involved as the others!" --National Federation of State High School Associations, Kansas City, MO (corporate show for children)

"It was a GREAT time! Adults were entertained as well as the children!" --The Austin Company, Irvine, CA, on a children's Christmas show

"You, sir, were a smash!" --American Diabetes Association, San Diego, CA

"Thank you for the great show you presented to here at New Community. We all want you to know that we had a lot of fun with all the friends that you brought with you. Even the adults enjoyed the show! We look foward to having you join us again some day for another program." --Director of Children's Ministries, New Community Church, Irvine, CA

"Joe Gandelman has performed his comic ventriloquism act at our last two Christmas celebrations. We have found Joe to be a toop class professional with an act that captivates the young and old alike. The comments we hear from the audience are such things as: "I've never heard my child laugh so loud," "My child was fascinated," "My child was completely focused on the act." We would certainly recommend Joe Gandelman and his dummy friends at any fun filled event." --Property Manager, River Village, Bonsall, CA

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