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There are LOTS of great web sites dealing with ventriloquism, ventriloquisms puppets, dummies and comedy. But rather than list them all here are my favorites:

MAHER STUDIOS: A MUST for anyone even remotely interested in ventriloquism and equally essential for professionals. Maher s famous mail order how-to-do-ventriloquism course (featured on the Today show on NBC) is considered the VERY BEST available anywhere and it has taught many professionals (such as Joe Gandelman). Their free catalogue is a treasure chest of joke books, puppets, wooden "dummies" of all sizes and prices. Kids (and adults) go crazy over the catalogue itself. And Clinton and Adelia Detweiler stand by their products with a guarantee. Ventriloquists all over the world love Maher Studios. MAHER STUDIOS WILL CLOSE IN 2006 SO GET YOUR SUPPLIES NOW.

AXTELL EXPRESSIONS: This company features some of the most wonderful and hilarious "soft" puppets ever created. Owner Steve Axtell has created virtual living cartoons with his blends of latex, foam rubber and cloth. Axtell puppets are worth every single penny -- and even more. Why? Because as soon as the audience sees them, the audience instantly loves the puppets due to their distinctive designs. Audiences see "instant character." And you can get different expressions on the puppet s faces by twisting the soft latex with your fingers inside. Steve Axtell is constantly creating and innovating -- and is known as a true gentleman.

DUMMYWORKS: Figure maker (dummy builder) Timothy Cowles is a young welder who loves to make "dummies." He is as joyous in making his dummies as he is in his church work, his work as a welder, and as a performer. And it shows in his wonderful creations which come in all sizes and prices. They re true comedic gems and solidly built. People who ve ordered from Timothy Cowles come away enormously impressed by his delightful creations -- and by Timothy himself. What you see is what you get and it s a friendship. Some predict his fame will greatly increase over the coming years and his present figures will become true collectors items. His creativity is reflected in his superb web page.

DREAM SHAPERS: Joe Gandelman & Friends are pleased to be closely associated and working with this group that bills itself as "a non-profit arts organization dedicated to providing quality children s and family performing artists and programs or schools, preschools, libraries, theaters and community events throughout Southern California." It has a select but extensive number of varied performers and all of them are solid performers -- and solid human beings. Check it out, especially its performer's list.

GREG DEAN: Greg is an authentic, every-cent-spent-is-worth-it comedy coach and comedy teacher -- who was a beloved performer for many years. Before he turned to teaching he was a fulltime comedy juggler who performed at circuses, in comedy clubs, and as a guest on an episode of Saturday Night Live. He s a legend in the LA s comedy club scene -- as are his famous comedy workshop classes in Hollywood. One early student included a woman by the name of Whoppie Goldberg. Greg spent years studying comedy. He has distilled the best of his studies, workshops and private sessions into affordable-yet-solid publications sold on his website. If you re interested in comedy at all, you should order some. His website is one of the BEST on comedy anywhere.

DUMMY DAYS: The DEFINITIVE book on the 20th century's most famous ventriloquists, Edgar Bergen, Jimmy Nelson, Shari Lewis, Paul Winchell & Senor Wences, with an afterwards by one of the 21st century's top ventriloquists, Jeff Dunham. STRONGLY recommended to anyone of ANY age who wants to know about radio and early TV's most famous ventriloquists, read some of their funniest comedy lines, and learn how they blossomed from aspiring ventriloquists into beloved stars. Dreamworks' Kelly Asbury spent five years researching and writing this "coffee table" book, which is crammed with rare interviews, previously-unknown facts plus a virtual treasure's chest of photo illustrations.

AD LIB VIDEO: To sell his act Joe must submit video demos to bookers all over the country. Demos must be broadcast quality. Over the past 14 years Joe Gandelman & Friends have become a national act due to videos produced by San Diego s Ad Lib Video Productions, a firm owned and operated by two broadcast veterans, Mike Smith and Dave Walker. Highly recommended for anyone who needs top-quality video shot by experienced professionals.

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