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Joe's Book: Tips from a Pro
Blunt answers to frequently asked questions about ventriloquism and "going full-time" -- for ventriloquists and ventriloquists-to-be. The book has also proven useful to entertainers who are not ventriloquists but want to learn some of the "facts of life" about the entertainment industry -- and how to avoid costly mistakes. Indeed, this book can help you short-circuit literally months or years of painful mistakes .

Just of the few of its topics: working with and without contracts, agents, whether to "imitate" famous performers, surviving a "bad show," the joys and dangers of networking with entertainers, pricing your act, sound systems, lighting, videos, booking yourself, putting a show together, working with writers and comedy coaches, and motivational advice to performers.

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What our customers have said about Tips from a Pro ...

"Joe frankly shares his experience and advice on the subject of going pro. No question is dodged. His answers are honest and he candidly answers questions most other professionals would avoid. This is quickly turning into a best seller (for ventriloquists). and if you re even thinking about using ventriloquism to earn full or part-time income this book can save you a lot of headaches as well as INCREASE your income!" -- Clinton Detweiler, owner, Maher Studios, Littleton, CO and president of the North American Association of Ventriloquists.

"This is a indeed a wonderful book! I believe it should be packaged as an option to the Maher (mail order ventriloquism) course. Of all the books I have purchased and studied, it is the best supplement to that course I have seen." -- Mike Burger, University of Hawaii, Manoa.

"I firmly believe every vent (amateur or pro) could gain a lot from reading this book. It is well worth the money. The strongest influence of this book is the inspirational value that it has." -- Gerhard Hauptfleisch, motivational entertainer, Cape Town, South Africa.

"It s a great book -- the only book that I ve read that isn t sugar-coated. It really just tells it like it is. There are also a few references to how show business can be a bruising business. Your book has been both educational and inspirational. I think the thing I like about it is the pragmatic approach you take to the whole business." -- Roger Matthews, Elkland, MO.

"I have just read your book "Tips from a Pro" and found it to be very helpful. I m relatively new to ventriloquism and look for good resources. Keep up the good writing. It is appreciated!" - David Silvi, Cape Cod, MA
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