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  Super Simplified Ventriloquism
A laugh-packed CD in which Joe and his friends teach you ventriloquism QUICKLY. It really works! (CD can be played in any standard musical CD player device) Know anyone who wants to quickly learn how to do ventriloquism and talk without moving his or her lips? Joe Gandelman has just released Super Simplified Ventriloquism, a $12 CD that he says can teach anyone the basics of ventriloquism in minimum time. "I think that for many years ventriloquism was kept more complicated and mysterious than it really is," says Joe, who, along with his wooden dummies and puppets, does kids, family and adult shows at private parties, fairs, festivals, schools and conventions all over the country. "I tried to do a CD that can teach anyone -- from four to 14 to 44 to 84." According to Gandelman, his CD is "packed with laughs from start to finish." But it's also "crammed with information -- words people can practice so they can quickly learn how to talk without moving their lips." And, he said, the CD explains why people think a ventriloquist is throwing his or her voice, and how to bring off this illusion. The CD's aim is to entertain as well as teach." Gandelman did the voices, sound effects, wrote the script, wrote the music and performed the instrumentals on the CD, which was produced by his brother Roger Gandelman in Branford, Connecticut. Click here to pop open the CD Order Form. The CD is only $12 plus $3.50 shipping & handling.

Tips From A Pro: The Book
Blunt answers to frequently asked questions about ventriloquism and "going full-time" -- for ventriloquists and ventriloquists-to-be.

Tips From A Pro: The Tape
Contains every word of the book (plus a few other comments).
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